Mass Schedule

4:00 at St Mary, Fulda
5:30 at St Stephen, Caldwell

8:30 am at St Stephen, Caldwell
9:00 am at St Mary, Fulda
10:30 am at St Michael, Carlisle
11:00 am at Corpus Christi, Belle Valley

Daily Mass Schedule
St Stephen, Caldwell
Tuesday - Friday 8:00 am
as scheduled

St Michael, Carlisle
Tuesday & Thursday 8:30 am
as scheduled

St Mary, Fulda
Wednesday & Friday 8:30 am
as scheduled
Noble County
Catholic Churches
Corpus Christi
223 Main St
Belle Valley
St Stephen
1036 Belford St
St Mary Immaculate
43700 Fulda Rd
St Michael
44935 Carlisle Rd
The Noble County Catholic
Parishes are four of the five
Catholic Parishes in Noble
County Ohio.  They are under the
pastoral care of Rev. Wayne
Morris and Rev. Chester Pabin,
Parochial Vicar.  Noble County is
in the Diocese of Steubenville,
and under the care of Bishop
Jeffrey Monforton.

As a Community, we strive to
bring the light and life of Jesus
Christ into the hearts and minds of
people.  We know our sinfulness,
but we also know that God is a
merciful and gracious God who
pours forth his graces day after
day to those who do His will. We
invite you to come and worship
with us

Reflection, that is one term we are all called to once
in a while.  For the Church, Lent is a time of great
reflection.  We as a whole, and as individuals, must
reflect upon our status in life.  Have I been good, or
have I been bad (evil).  In a world where good and
evil are not as clearly defined as it use to be, this
reflection becomes harder; yet we are to reflect.  
Truth is truth, and truth is not true one day and not
the next, and this is especially true since God is
truth.  Let us this Lent, live truth and live for God.
Happy Lent